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Sony Data Breach Coverage Litigation Settles

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As reported in news outlets, including Law360, Sony and its insurers have settled their data breach coverage litigation, two months after the New York appellate division heard oral argument.

Sony had sought coverage for numerous data breach class action lawsuits filed against it following the 2011 data breach into its PlayStation network.  Its general liability policies provided personal and advertising injury coverage for oral or written publication, in any manner, of material that violates a person’s right to privacy.  The trial court held that the insurers had no duty to defend because coverage applied only for violations of privacy committed by Sony, as the policyholder, and not by third parties who hacked into Sony’s network and stole personally identifiable information (“PII”). Read More

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Dude, Where’s My Car?

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Here is a story almost as startling as the movie Dude, Where’s My Car? is bad.  According to news reports, millions of cars and trucks are vulnerable to hacking through wireless technologies that could jeopardize driver safety and privacy.  A congressional report, overseen by Sen. Ed Markey, D-Massachusetts, concludes that vehicles are vulnerable to hacking through wireless networks, smart phones, and “infotainment” systems like OnStar.

Sen. Markey cited studies showing that hackers can access controls of some vehicles, causing them to accelerate, turn, brake, sound the horn, control the headlights, and/or modify speedometer and gas gauge readings.   Also of note are additional concerns regarding information in navigation systems, which can record and send location or driving history information.  According to Sen. Markey, security measures used by automakers, such as identification codes and radio frequencies, can be identified and rewritten or bypassed. Read More

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